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Wizards of the Black Circle

Wizards of the Black Circle

To capture all fairies and take their magic away, to rule the world.
Magical Abilities
Take a fairy's power (Ogron), shape-shift (Duman), release sound waves (Gantlos), speed (Anagan)
The Earth fairies and the Winx
First Appearance
Coming Soon..."
The Wizards of the Black Circle is a group that holds the Black Circle. Their fate is to capture all fairies' powers and become rulers of the Magic Dimension.


  • Ogron: He is the leader and can capture a fairy's power.
  • Gantlos: He has the ability to release sound-waves just like Musa.
  • Anagan: He has the ability to run faster.
  • Duman: He has the ability to shape-shift.



Before, the Wizards of the Black Circle have been hunting fairies and capturing their powers. They possess a black circle, which its opposite is the White Circle

Season 4

Coming Soon...

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