This is the script for The Fairy and the Beast.

Scene: Solarian palace

Scene: Outside

Brandon: Hey Sky, you think the girls will find a way out of the palace, huh?

Sky: Knowing those girls, they'll get out of there without even a single scratch. 

(Both hears an explosion)

Scene: Aviary Tower

Soldier: Prepare for impact.

(Solarian guards activates their shield)

Bloom: Hurry up! The soldiers are catching up with us! Fast!

(Musa releases sound waves in order to open the door)

(Birds flies)

Soldier: This ends, right here.

Bloom: C'mon girls. Let's fly!

Soldier: Get the monster! It will tell us what they did with Princess Stella. Everyone ready?

(Solarian guards blasts Stella and falls)

Stella: Aah!

Musa and Flora: *gasp*

Musa: Oh no!

(Tecna makes a shield; Bloom runs to rescue Stella; Flora gives Bloom a shield)

Bloom: The rain is dark magic. It's weakening the shield.

(Stella falls)

Scene: Outside

Bloom: Stella! Girls, help me!

(Tecna, Musa, and Flora joins Bloom)

Bloom: Stella, hang on. I'm coming!

(Tecna, Musa, and Flora gives off a shield by using their magic)

Tecna, Musa, and Flora: *gasps*

Tecna: C'mon

(The Winx flies down safely)

Musa: Phew! We did it. Despite this crazy rain.

Tecna: I know it was last minute in all, Stella, but how 'bout a 'Thank You' for saving your life.

'Stella: I almost wish you hadn't. Look at what's happened to me.

(Bloom goes to Stella)

Bloom: Don't worry, Stella. We'll get you back to your own self, you'll see.

(Bloom gives Stella a hug)

Flora: Everyone talks about sunny Solaria, but no one mentions this dark rain thing.

Stella: I wanna know who did this to me, and why Solaria's getting rained on for the first time.

Bloom: You'll find out, Stella. We'll help you.

Brandon: You girls alright?

(Brandon and Sky head to where the girls are; Stella hides behind the Winx)

Stella: Oh no, not now. I don't want Brandon to see me like this.

(Stella hides from a tree)

Bloom: Everything alright?

Sky: Yeah, but we were really worried. Sure glad we found you.

Brandon: The party was really getting crazy. What happened?

Tecna: Everything's okay now. Don't worry.

Bloom: So then, during the commotion, King Radius ordered the guards to arrest us.

Brandon: But that's impossible. He is Stella's father.

Bloom: Well, uh, Stella couldn't do anything because the King and the guards were under some kind of spell.

Flora: We don't know how exactly it all happened. The guards started to chase us, so we ran away without any other choice.

Musa: The guards followed us from the Aviary Tower, and then we were able to fly down, and so we're here.

(Girls giggles; Guards goes to the garden.)

Soldier: There! In the garden! Arrest them! Hurry up!

(All soldiers goes into the garden)

Sky: Uh... are you telling us everything?

'Brandon: Where did Stella go?

Musa: The guards!

(The guards attacks the Winx and Sky and Brandon; the guards surrounds Brandon)

Bloom: Sky hold on.

Tecna: No, Bloom, don't. They can make it on their own. We've gotta get Stella out of here.

(Brandon fights the guards)

Bloom: Sky! You and Brandon go to the ship. Here, catch! We'll send you our coordinates, and you'll come to pick us up.

Stella: Are they gone yet?

'Bloom: They're keeping the guards busy.

Stella: Good. Let them distract the guards. I know a secret way out of here. Follow me.

Soldier: Soldiers, they're getting away! Send the hounds

(Soldiers sends a couple of dogs)

Stella: Oh no! They're releasing the hounds of Solaria.

Bloom: It's no use trying to use magic against them. It won't work in this rain. Musa: Well then, we'll just have to run faster!

(Stella trips off; the hounds circles her; the hounds recognized her smell)

Stella: They recognized me despite my looks. My father had given me these dogs for protection. Okay, good dogs, go home now.

(The dogs did what Stella said)

Bloom: We better go. Sky and Brandon are going to be looking for us.

Stella: C'mon. I know the perfect way out of here. Follow me. There's this secret passage I used to take when I wanted to sneak out the palace grounds to go dancing downtown. Here we are.

Musa: Ah, Stella, where is it? Do we need a spell or something to see it?

Stella: It's in that hollow tree.

(Shows flashbacks of Stella's past)

Stella: I came across a long time ago. I was just scampering about, you know, being my usual happy self. When suddenly, there it was - a big hollow tree. As I got closer to get a better look on it, I realized it was connected to an underground tunnel that led straight to the fountains of the pala ce. I was so thrilled at my discovery that I decided to tie a little ribbon into one of the tree branches so that I would know which one it was. Neat less to say, I snucked out of this tunnel to go out into dances and parties, one that should might have argue.

Bloom: So what are we waiting for, let's go.

(All goes inside the tunnel)

Scene: Tunnel

Bloom: Aww...

Flora: I find this tunnel creepy.

Musa: Yeah. It looks like some weird animal den.

Stella: It was never fun walking through it.

Tecna: How did you avoid being all dirty?

(Shows all the Winx's dirty shoes)

Bloom: She probably used some kind of protection spell.

Stella: To tell you the truth, I don't remember all this mud. Who that bottle neck for that matter? (Note: Unsure of Line)

Bloom: How do we get through there?

Tecna: According to my scanner, the bottle neck isn't that deep.

Bloom: We'll go one at a time. Carefully.

Tecna: I'll go first.

Bloom: Alright.

(Tecna goes out of the bottle neck)

Musa: Great! Now our dresses match our shoes. Right Stella?

Stella: Girls, help! I'm stuck.

Musa: It's Stella. She can't get through. We've gotta help her. C'mon!

Stella: I don't care how. Just get me out of here!

(All pulls Stella out)

Stella: Finally. Thanks you guys.

(Earth rumbles)

Stella: Lucky for us. This portion of the tunnel held up. Let's go.

(Stones fall out from the ceiling; a giant rock is rumbling; the Winx runs)

Stella: This wasn't here before. It looks like someone or something dug another tunnel.

Tecna: Stella we gotta make a decision.

Bloom: Okay, imagine there's a party, which one are you going to take?

Stella: Left. Let's definitely go left.

More coming soon...

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