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Summoning creatures by the Legendarium
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Selina is a new witch and villain in Season 6


Selina is full of confidence and is without hesitation. Like all witches do, she likes to cause chaos, misery, and destruction. She has thick blonde hair and fair skin. Her abilities are bringing legendary creatures to life by her book Legendarium.


Season 6

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In The Legendarium, she is a new witch in Cloud Tower. When Griffin asked to explain her abilities, her ability is to summon mythical creatures to life by using the Legendarium. So, she summons the Gloomy Wood Trolls to attack Pixie Village once again. After the Trix take over Cloud Tower, the Trix turns Griffin into a crow. They see great potential and use in Selina's powers, so they make an arrangement with her. She helps her to conquer the Magic Dimension's colleges, first at Lynphea College. So, she summons the legendary Treants to attack the college. When Flora and Miele spot the Cloud Tower, they warn the others that Cloud Tower is flying and that the Treants are alive. So, the Winx head to Cloud Tower to find the source of the Treants' magic. Learning she has the source of the magic, they attack her instead of the Trix. However, Selina's barrier took all of the Winx's (minus Bloom's) powers and teleport the Winx outside Cloud Tower until the Specialists caught them.


Selina has a dirty blonde hair, a fair, and brown eyes. She wears a sea green top with wavy black ends and a mesh collar with a pink circle. She also wears a sea green jacket with high-collars and sleeves that end with spiked grey areas. Her stomach is covered with mesh, and she wears sea green gloves. She also wears a sea green skirt with a chain-belt. Also, she wears a matching shoes.


  • "Selina" is another form of Selene (Σελήνη)the Greek name for Moon. In ancient and midieval times, witches were associated with the moon.
  • Jessica Di Cicco who provides Selina's voice also voices for Miele, Livy and Lucy.
  • She is the first known witch from Earth.