The Ring of Solaria is a magical ring that belongs to Stella. It can be transformed into a scepter that she uses to teleport herself and other people to a certain place and can be used to cast spells. The ring is made out of 6.1 pure magic, according to Stella. The ring was sculpted long ago and nobody remembers when. It was carved out of a stone which had been immersed in the Spring of Light, that still floats in the Universe. It has been passed down through generations in the royal Solaria family.

The Ring of Solaria in its scepter form


In both forms, the ring is colored cyan. In its ring form, it looks like a sun-like circle. In its scpeter form, it is similar to its ring form although it is much bigger and has long staff. 

In the Nick version, the ring goes into a major change.


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