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Flora 1
Flora is from the planet Linphea. She is the guardian fairy. She is also one of the Winx Club and is the second most powerful fairy.


Flora is sweet, nice, and innocent. She is quite careful of her actions. She deeply cares for the flowers, and knows every kind of trees and flowers. She is also makes teas, herbs, and medicines which makes her the potion master of the group.She has brown hair and all her transformation outfits are mostly green.


Flora has a long honey brown hair with blonde in her bangs, has a swampy-green eyes and has a tan skin.

Magic Winx (Rai)/Magic Charmix (Nick)

Flora's Winx is colored fushia and orchid with matching ankle-boots. She wears a green choker with a pink four-petaled flower. She wears pink gloves that has wrist length fingerless gloves covering her arms. Her wings are colored lime green.


She wears a pink flower-like dress. In the middle is her fairy dust and on the breast parts have a rainbow-like designs. 

Enchantix Flora

Flora's Enchantix 150px

Magical Abilities

Flora has nature powers. She can control all the plants and communicate with the trees.

List of Spells





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