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Princess Aisha


Voiced by
Keke Palmer (Nickelodeon)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3, Secret of the Lost Kingdom)
19 (Season 4, Magical Adventure)
20 (Season 5)
June 15
Magical Abilities
Creates Morphix
First Appearance
Teredor and Niobe (parents)
Neptune and Ligea (uncle and aunt)
Nereus, Tritannus, Tressa (cousins)
Nabu (fiance)
Princess Aisha is from the planet, Andros. She is the princess as well as the guardian fairy. 


Aisha is a sporty, wild-hearted and brave princess. When Ogron wasted the Gift of Darkness, she become really mean that time and wanted revenge


Aisha has a dark skin, teal eyes, and a wavy brown hair.

Magic Winx

Aisha's Magic Winx consists of a seagreen colored top which connects to the mini skirt and with matching seagreen ankle-boots.

Magical Abilities

Her abilities are liquid and a pink liquid called Morphix.

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